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Katz Senior Services
Villanova, PA
(Suburban Philadelphia)

phone: 610-527-6350
fax: 610-520-9907

Why Katz Senior Services?

Katz Senior Services is a company dedicated to providing a valuable advantage...

The advantage of making life less stressful and more rewarding.

As our population ages, more and more senior adults and their families need specialized assistance to select the best options available to them for their daily tasks.  We offer them peace of mind that these things are still getting done quickly and efficiently.  This will enable the senior adult to continue to feel secure in their daily lives whether they live alone, in a senior community, with a family member or have a caregiver.

We have the experience and offer the encouragement to help the older adult achieve this goal.  We also work with their family or caregiver to solve problems that life brings especially as one ages.  From the daily tasks associated with personal care to paying bills and making sure the proper health insurance is in place, we provide the necessary assistance.  To continue living in one's own home, we offer home services for their daily routine or help make the transition to an adult community.

It can be overwhelming finding solutions for everyday personal needs. Katz Senior Services was founded for that very reason...providing assistance to select the best options and getting things done quickly and effectively.

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