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Katz Senior Services
Villanova, PA
(Suburban Philadelphia)

phone: 610-527-6350
fax: 610-520-9907

About Us

Do you or a loved one need assistance? 

Are you overwhelmed trying to find solutions for the everyday needs of a senior adult?  Having trouble trying to find clear and informative information?

Katz Senior Services is the answer!

...specializing in Helpful Expertise

Katz Senior Services was founded to provide assistance to senior adults and their families.  Even everyday tasks often require a helping hand to keep life running smooth and your days simple.  We focus on helping you get there as effectively as possible.

Adults of all ages can benefit from our caring, personalized, and confidential services.

Life can be too busy or just simply too difficult at times to handle so many responsibilities.  A knowledgeable professional can often lead you in the right direction.

Take a moment...take the first step...for yourself or for someone else.

Call 610-527-6350 to discuss how Katz Senior Services can provide assistance for you!

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