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Katz Senior Services
Villanova, PA
(Suburban Philadelphia)

phone: 610-527-6350
fax: 610-520-9907

What People Are Saying...

What People Are Saying about Katz Senior Services...

"Taking care of my banking, insurance claims, and just day-to-day needs since my wife passed away had become an overwhelming burden for me. Katz Senior Services has taken the entire load off my shoulders! It's like I have my life back again!"

"Concentrating on my parents' illnesses and getting them to their doctors' appointments on time left with me with a drawer full of medical claims and forms to deal with -- not knowing where to start while they just kept piling up. Katz Senior Services took care of everything. I was organized and left without the hassles in a very short time."

"Living in another state, it was difficult having to take time off from work and make arrangements to move my mother's belongings out of her apartment in Pennsylvania. Katz Senior Services did it all for me."

"My elder clients are in good hands with the expertise that Katz Senior Services has to fulfill their daily needs, especially when there is no family available."

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